This might go Viral!!

And it’s a wrap! My first video for YouTube has been made and I have to say I am very happy with the results. In the beginning the assignment was to create a viral video for a brand but that was quite hard. So a few friends and I decided, we wanted to give the whole lip dub thing a try! We sat down together and came up with a sort of concept. First of course the song: I’m a believer by Smash Mouth, a good upbeat song with lots of text to depict. And then we carefully made a division of the roles and who had to take which props.

In the end it doesn’t look like a lip dub, but more like a fun video friends made together. The whole process took quite look, we had to rehearse and practice a lot, which was difficult because most of the time we were just on the floor of laughter.

Many of our initial ideas had to be changed cause of time and location.

We had some help with the filming, because we all wanted to be in the video. The main idea of the video was to express fun and love but it turned out more to a tribute to friendship. It was especially nice to do this because we are all leaving in about a week for Christmas break and then our GA is starting so this was a nice closure for the semester.

The editing turned out a bit harder then expected, but as you will see it worked out all fine in the end.

Anyway I have been talking about the video for a while now, I think the best thing is to just watch it… ENJOY!


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