Nowhere to hide!

I always find it interesting how the Internet can have an impact on a brand, both good and bad. Naturally they can use it to their own advantage, but then there is us, the “people” who always have an opinion to share, which can make and break a brand. 

So I decided to take a wee look at what type of presence one of my favourite brands has on the Internet, Apple.

I started of by using one of the most basic monitoring tools, Google-Alert. I created an alert for Apple, set on ‘once a day’ and ‘only the best results’. Immediately I received an email with about 20 results categorized on news, blogs and other web results. 

So I clicked away to see what we had, the news articles were all about the stock exchange of apple and the blogs were mostly about what new apps and gadgets apple was coming up with surprisingly there were few opinionated results. 

Though I like Google-Alert it didn’t really give me what I was looking for. So my next instrument of choice was Social Seek, which shows you all activities on; News, Blogs, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Flickr by simply typing in the name. Literally every post or message will show up with the brand name in it. If you want to have an idea what sort of image your brand has you will be very busy reading through these. 


Next on the list: Technorati the largest blog search engine in the world, again I searched for Apple and about a 1000 posts popped up related to the subject, pretty awesome I’d say. 

Many forget that, next to the social media platforms, people like to dish out their opinions on forums and community webpages as well. Of course some mastermind thought to create a search engine especially to search for such pages (if only it were me!). In this case I used Big Boards, which works like any search engine. The results are mainly about the customers who have questions about functions of apple products.

I’ve had about enough for today with the monitoring tools. To make a long story short there are several ways to monitor a brands presence on the internet. In the end there is not a lot you can do when people have an opinion (positive or negative) they will say or post it no matter what, but by monitoring it a brand can respond in an appropriate way. 




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