Facts! Go figure…

In my previous post, I discussed a few tools you can use to monitor a brand. Now I thought to myself monitoring is great, but sometimes you need some clear and concise information to show the impact you have online. So just like before I’ll stick with Apple.

Number one search engine: First things first, when we search for something online where do we go?? That’s right… GOOGLE! So I start by entering the brand name in Google and the first results for Apple to come up are; Adwords advertisement for the Apple store, their official webpage, a few news articles, a wiki page and YouTube, pretty good “find ability” I’d say.

Isn’t social media necessary? But, isn’t it exceptional that an innovative brand, such as Apple, doesn’t really use any form of Social Media? It makes me wonder if they should… What is their reason?

However, despite their lack of social media usage, others are happy enough to do it for them. It goes to show on Facebook, just search for Apple and you’ll find at least 30 different pages. The biggest one has over 5 million likes and in total there are over 14 million likes on all pages.

The same thing happens when searching for Apple on Twitter, there are over 200 results and none of these Apple brand pages is actually owned by them. However they do have a few pages for certain sub brands such as Appstore, iCloud and iBookstore, which they use these solely to inform on certain deals, apps etc. together these accounts have about 1.5 million followers.

Even though they don’t have their own brand accounts on these platforms, they do give the options to share… So they want to stimulate people to talk about their products?


There is one exception: One of the channels they do use is YouTube and rather successful too. They have 820,534 subscribers and 101,335,588 video views. The choice to use YouTube is logical; they have hundreds of different video’s; presentations, advertisements and instruction etc. In this way they can easily broadcast them all.

The fact that Apple is ignoring the use of the mainstream social media platforms is amazing, cause even without it they are able to generate a buzz, a hype around everything they do. Essentially, it seems that their strategy is to create a social buzz by staying completely silent, and letting the rumour mill do the work.



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