This might go Viral!!

And it’s a wrap! My first video for YouTube has been made and I have to say I am very happy with the results. In the beginning the assignment was to create a viral video for a brand but that was quite hard. So a few friends and I decided, we wanted to give the whole lip dub thing a try! We sat down together and came up with a sort of concept. First of course the song: I’m a believer by Smash Mouth, a good upbeat song with lots of text to depict. And then we carefully made a division of the roles and who had to take which props.

In the end it doesn’t look like a lip dub, but more like a fun video friends made together. The whole process took quite look, we had to rehearse and practice a lot, which was difficult because most of the time we were just on the floor of laughter.

Many of our initial ideas had to be changed cause of time and location.

We had some help with the filming, because we all wanted to be in the video. The main idea of the video was to express fun and love but it turned out more to a tribute to friendship. It was especially nice to do this because we are all leaving in about a week for Christmas break and then our GA is starting so this was a nice closure for the semester.

The editing turned out a bit harder then expected, but as you will see it worked out all fine in the end.

Anyway I have been talking about the video for a while now, I think the best thing is to just watch it… ENJOY!


Just ad words and you’re good to go!

Today I am gonna take it a step further! I already talked about some monitoring tools and social media, but I think it is time I step out of my comfort zone and try something new. Advertisements on the Internet… well doesn’t that sound exciting?!

Every time I use our beloved search engine Google, I get bombarded with at least ten different advertisements. You know, the ones that are always listed at the top of the page, sort of yellow highlighted and of course the column on the right.

I decided; I can do that too! So I went on a little research tour (yes on Google) and figured out how it works, lucky for you I am willing to share.

How Adwords works: It is fairly simple actually; you basically go to this site and click on ‘Try Adwords now’ you can then log in with a Google account or create one if you don’t have it.

You will get to start screen, which actually is pretty self explanatory, click on ‘create your first campaign’ and think of the first product or service you want to advertise! I’ll do the same, and in my case I am just going to advertise this blog.

Screen shot 2012-12-12 at 5.15.14 PM

What you need to think about: So next page you just need to fill out some settings, but don’t take them to lightly cause these settings are important as to where you ad will show up! So you have to fill out the campaign name, the audience location and language, which networks you want your ad to appear and most important the bidding options.

* The bidding option is one of the ways you can control the cost of your add, but you can also set a budget per day so when you have reached your limit the add won’t be visible anymore for that day.

Create the ad: After specifying your settings you can finally create your ad, jeej! As you can see in the picture it is pretty simple!

Screen shot 2012-12-12 at 5.40.48 PM

So now you have created the ad, you’ll have to make sure you customers will find it too! So lets make a list of keywords, basically words that will trigger your ads when customers are looking for your product or service online. I choose the words: Technology blog, social media blog, interesting blog, social media and marketing,

Google also gives you an estimation of how many people search for these keywords in a day, when you click on ‘estimate search traffic’

Most important; the financials! So after that it is just a matter of filling out you financial details and from then on your ad will be up and running it is just that easy!!

In my opinion this is a quick and easy way to get your advertisement out there, however it can quickly cost a lot without it being affective. Every time someone clicks on the link it costs, but for, for example, a web-store that doesn’t necessarily mean it will lead to new purchases.



Facts! Go figure…

In my previous post, I discussed a few tools you can use to monitor a brand. Now I thought to myself monitoring is great, but sometimes you need some clear and concise information to show the impact you have online. So just like before I’ll stick with Apple.

Number one search engine: First things first, when we search for something online where do we go?? That’s right… GOOGLE! So I start by entering the brand name in Google and the first results for Apple to come up are; Adwords advertisement for the Apple store, their official webpage, a few news articles, a wiki page and YouTube, pretty good “find ability” I’d say.

Isn’t social media necessary? But, isn’t it exceptional that an innovative brand, such as Apple, doesn’t really use any form of Social Media? It makes me wonder if they should… What is their reason?

However, despite their lack of social media usage, others are happy enough to do it for them. It goes to show on Facebook, just search for Apple and you’ll find at least 30 different pages. The biggest one has over 5 million likes and in total there are over 14 million likes on all pages.

The same thing happens when searching for Apple on Twitter, there are over 200 results and none of these Apple brand pages is actually owned by them. However they do have a few pages for certain sub brands such as Appstore, iCloud and iBookstore, which they use these solely to inform on certain deals, apps etc. together these accounts have about 1.5 million followers.

Even though they don’t have their own brand accounts on these platforms, they do give the options to share… So they want to stimulate people to talk about their products?


There is one exception: One of the channels they do use is YouTube and rather successful too. They have 820,534 subscribers and 101,335,588 video views. The choice to use YouTube is logical; they have hundreds of different video’s; presentations, advertisements and instruction etc. In this way they can easily broadcast them all.

The fact that Apple is ignoring the use of the mainstream social media platforms is amazing, cause even without it they are able to generate a buzz, a hype around everything they do. Essentially, it seems that their strategy is to create a social buzz by staying completely silent, and letting the rumour mill do the work.


Nowhere to hide!

I always find it interesting how the Internet can have an impact on a brand, both good and bad. Naturally they can use it to their own advantage, but then there is us, the “people” who always have an opinion to share, which can make and break a brand. 

So I decided to take a wee look at what type of presence one of my favourite brands has on the Internet, Apple.

I started of by using one of the most basic monitoring tools, Google-Alert. I created an alert for Apple, set on ‘once a day’ and ‘only the best results’. Immediately I received an email with about 20 results categorized on news, blogs and other web results. 

So I clicked away to see what we had, the news articles were all about the stock exchange of apple and the blogs were mostly about what new apps and gadgets apple was coming up with surprisingly there were few opinionated results. 

Though I like Google-Alert it didn’t really give me what I was looking for. So my next instrument of choice was Social Seek, which shows you all activities on; News, Blogs, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Flickr by simply typing in the name. Literally every post or message will show up with the brand name in it. If you want to have an idea what sort of image your brand has you will be very busy reading through these. 


Next on the list: Technorati the largest blog search engine in the world, again I searched for Apple and about a 1000 posts popped up related to the subject, pretty awesome I’d say. 

Many forget that, next to the social media platforms, people like to dish out their opinions on forums and community webpages as well. Of course some mastermind thought to create a search engine especially to search for such pages (if only it were me!). In this case I used Big Boards, which works like any search engine. The results are mainly about the customers who have questions about functions of apple products.

I’ve had about enough for today with the monitoring tools. To make a long story short there are several ways to monitor a brands presence on the internet. In the end there is not a lot you can do when people have an opinion (positive or negative) they will say or post it no matter what, but by monitoring it a brand can respond in an appropriate way. 



Socially Addicted

Social Media; toxic and yet so addictive. Who in this day and age is not part of some sort of Social Media Community? Just take a quick look around, spot the two most common addictions. Probably half of the people you see are occupied with their mobile phone checking some sort of social app.

Now I am not saying I am the exception, cause of course I jumped on the bandwagon just like the rest.
I check my Facebook page on a regular basis, but every time I see a picture posted by someone showing me what they are eating at that exact moment, I wonder if they just try to make me hungry, jealous or perhaps they think people are actually interested.

Earlier I watched a video, and paused to laugh for this great sentence:


and the list goes on and on… And it is so true! Did you know the whole concept of Twitter was derived from text messaging, I don’t know about you, but my text messages aren’t half as personal as those on Twitter. It makes me wonder though, why do people feel the need to share every single thing with the rest of the world?

However, when it comes to cameras on the street, being used for national security people freak out and say it is in violation with their right to privacy.

In the end aren’t we the ones who make it possible for this high-tech world to exist where everything is possible and excepted?

I’ll tell yah, next millionaire in the biz will be the person inventing a “nicotine patch” for social media, perhaps it will be me?!

Anyway time to say goodbye, I’ll just leave you hanging with this last comment:

“We don’t have a choice on whether we DO social media, the question is how well we DO it. – Erik Qualman



Guess this is it… Didn’t think this would ever happen. 

But it seems like I’ve just started my very own blog.

Let the shindig commence!